Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beach Access for All

One of the (many) reasons we want to get married in Los Angeles is to share aspects of the city we love with the people that we love.  Unsurprisingly, one of those aspects is the beach.  However, because of cost questions and because we'll have wedding guests with limited physical mobility, I just figured a beach wedding was out of the question.

While cost may still put a damper on any barefoot-in-the-sand wedding scenarios, this past weekend I discovered that Los Angeles has a wealth of wheelchair-accessible beach resources. Such as the beach wheelchair. 

That's right - a beach wheelchair.  

Beach wheelchairs come with large, inflated tires instead of standard wheels and are available for FREE at a number of Los Angeles beaches, as we discovered at Topanga State Beach this past weekend.  Someone besides the rider will need to push, and it's certainly easiest on wet sand, but wow.  It's an incredible resource that allows loved ones to not only observe beach-fun from a restaurant patio or viewpoint, but to actually get down to the water, or your volleyball game, or just sit in the sun listening to the waves. 

I haven't seen many resources that deal with planning for guests with limited physical mobility at weddings, beyond ensuring the venue is wheelchair accessible. But I'm looking for ways to make the entire weekend wheelchair-accessible, and these beach wheelchairs are an excellent start for inclusive activity options everyone can enjoy.  Find out more about which beaches have free beach wheelchairs here at the California Coastal Conservancy.

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