Monday, September 21, 2009


I met up with another recently engaged girlfriend this weekend to discuss weddingy girly things together, instead of irritating our fiances and unenegaged girlfriends with all things floral and dress related.  Whereas we are getting married in Spring of 2011, they are getting married in March 2010, giving them about six full months to plan a large-scale elaborate event.  Our girly afternoon was an attempt to quell the panic of her ever-growing to-do list from her leap into brideland.  We had two targets: dress ideas and floral ideas, before she meets with vendors and boutiques in the next few weeks.

So I stopped by the store to pick up two bridal mags, intending to rip up the pages as we gathered ideas.  My register total, for two bridal mags and a pack of gum?  $22.50

Okay, so one was Real Simple Weddings (which turned out to be $13ish) but still. Even with magazines we can't get away from the "wedding" price premium?  Also, has anyone else noticed a ridiculous number of engagement ring ads in wedding magazines?  I mean, I know pre-engaged girls browse wedding stuff (guilty as charged) but I always skulked around the internet (free, and the browser window shuts quickly to leave my news reading in plain sight).  If J had found any wedding mags around the house before we got married, it would have been a very awkward conversation. But, from the number of engagement ring ads in the five mags we browsed yesterday, there is apparently a large readership of pre-engaged women.  I was more than a little surprised.

Also, as a side note, I highly recommend having a girlfriend with a nearly no-limit wedding budget and the same laid-back approach to style and foofery as you.  I finally had a use for my knowledge of out-of-my-budget dresses, florists and photographers.  I get to see my fantasy wedding ideas come to life elsewhere, bringing joy to another couple, instead of stuck in my inspiration file for possible DIY project adaptation.  It also helps if she gets genuinely excited about your creative mason jar centerpiece and barbecue catering ideas too, because budgets aside. that's just how the two of you roll.  

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  1. Lucky me, the few of my recently engaged, now recently married girlfriends donated stuff to me to borrow or keep, so I only ever bought one bride mag, Martha Stewart Weddings for five bucks at Whole Foods Market. I am, however, the only engaged friend in my immediate circle who's going through all this right now. My girlfriends are patient with me, and excited for me, so it isn't quite as lonely as it sounds. ;)


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