Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack White-Themed Date Night Downtown*

THIS is why I love Los Angeles.   Because Downtown Los Angeles is the kind of place where Jack White wants to host a pop-up store (ie temporary music shop) from Wednesday - Friday this week.  And it's also the kind of place where you can learn exactly why Jack White really is that awesome, by going to see the limited release documentary It Might Get Loud, a stunning film from the Director of An Inconvenient Truth about the history of the electric guitar via the musical development of three blow-your-mind-talented guitarists - Jimmy Page, The Edge, and (yep) Jack White - and gets them in a room jamming and talking about music together too.  
My partner is the true musician and music geek in our home, but I am a willing tagalong.  So I willingly tagged along to the documentary a few weeks ago and wow.  Just wow.  Not only was it a film, but I walked away with a completely new appreciation for Led Zeppelin, U2 and all of Jack White's work.  Whereas beforehand I was a casual fan of the Raconteurs and could appreciate the White Stripes, I am now unabashedly in awe of Jack White's raw talent and genius.  He truly lives, breathes and thinks in music (he made compelling music out of a coke bottle, really) and I would LOVE the opportunity to go to a pop-up store and see him perform live this week. According to LAist, The Dead Weather will be performing tomorrow (Wed) for a first-come first-served show at noon.  Unfortunately, my job does not allow for Wednesday morning gallivanting, so I wish the gallivanters all the best for what's sure to be a high-energy show.

So, if I were in town this Friday and I was looking for an awesome date night idea, I would probably:
  • Head over to the Regent Theater at 488 S. Main (which just got a yellow facelift to become a pop-up Third Man Records and Novelties) before they close at 8:00pm.  The store will sell music and merchandise related to The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. And generally, pop-up stores have a great vibe and invite/demand thorough exploration.  
  • Grab a quick drink downtown.  If it's as hot as they say it might be, I'd probably go for a glass of white wine on the nearby patio at Banquette (400 S Main St). If you were keeping with the Jack White theme of the evening, I think he'd appreciate a dive bar, maybe one like the King Eddy Saloon.
  • Head over to the Arclight, Landmark, Encino or Pasadena for a 10pm-ish showing of It Might Get Loud (I'd probably choose Hollywood, since you can take the Red Line from Pershing Square). 
*Oh.  You thought this was going to be a wedding planning blog?  Well, it is... but it's a Los Angeles wedding planning blog, so I'm probably going to indulge in some local awesomness for any local readers.  And presumably you're coupled if you're reading a wedding planning blog, so date nights where you immerse yourself in Rock and Roll instead of colors and guest lists might be nice, yes? 

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  1. Hey Becca--
    saw a trailer for that movie, sounds like it was great. Hello from Chicago, looking forward to reading more of your stuff as it comes.
    I love LA. If I and my honey could afford to live there, we'd be friends by now. ;)


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