Thursday, August 27, 2009

If I Were Getting Married Today

I haven't talked yet about my style or my "vision" for the wedding "look." Frankly, I don't have one. I'm equally drawn to modern & sleek as to vintage & romantic as to simple & sweet, depending on my mood. As for my clothing style, I tend towards a practical baseline of flattering cuts in neutrals, with major pops of color and boldness in shoes and jewelry. (I'm working on the bag/scarf/other accessory thing, but I usually can't be bothered.)

In other words, my mood dictates the day's fashion. And today, I'm feeling sassy. Because I just got my hair cut and styled somewhat like this:

Add some librarian glasses and tone down the Hollywood looks, and yeah, that's me now. (Ish.) Given that my everyday look draws from my closet of practical basics, I was clearly feeling a bit daring and sexy when I told my stylist to go for it (thanks Mandy M!) So, if I were getting married today, I'd clearly have to choose a sassy dress to match the sassy hair.  And since I've set a self-imposed dress budget well below the common stratospheric prices, I'd probably go for something like this:

Unfortunately, this dress wouldn't be flattering on me in real life. (The whole short skirt trend was created without my body type in mind.)  But today, with my new haircut, I almost don't care.  And, at $288 for the dress, I hope someone with properly sassy style and viv buys this dress, puts the $ she saved on a traditional wedding dress towards a rocking DJ, and parties in this short skirt awesomeness until her sexy legs can't bear it anymore.  

Hmm.  Perhaps, instead of growing our hair out before the wedding and enduring months of scraggliness, we should trust our incredible stylists and go for something daring the week before the big day.  Because who wouldn't appreciate some extra attitude oomph for her wedding?


  1. speaking of might want to book The Flashdance NOW. just got a report back from non-blog friends that he is indeed awesome.

  2. ha! encouragement indeed! you're probably right about finding something cheaper, but it's just so damn cute. hmmm... i shall think it over


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