Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to Basics

It all started with the ring.  No, I'm not referring to the proposal (which didn't start with a ring at all) but to my yearlong secret affair with wedding planning and wedding blogs.  It all started with my research for beautiful, inexpensive, environmentally friendly ring ideas and it ended up with budget spreadsheets, an overwhelming file of tagged inspiration photos, and a list of local venues I couldn't wait to call. 

Yes, I know I said I'm only starting to think about what I want our own wedding to feel and look like and, in large measure, that's true. But, in equally large measure, I've been mainlining wedding photos for over a year, charmed by hundreds of touching and personal ceremonies and celebrations, and wondering about the meaningful ceremony and day we would eventually craft together. Since I would be equally happy with an urban loft party, a barefoot beach wedding, or a mountain lodge forest weekend, it was never about taking control and planning My Special Daaaay, it was about reveling in the realization that this was a forever-love relationship, that soon we would get to plan our own meaningful ceremony and party, and that I had no idea where to start.

So I started with the internet.  I researched eco-friendly rings, which led me to freak out over ring prices, which led me to freak out over wedding prices, which led me to research inexpensive wedding options in Los Angeles (because even pre-credit crunch I stubbornly refused to believe I should drop $28,000 on a wedding), which led me to a $10,000 wedding.  And once I found another pre-engaged girl in Los Angeles who was researching weddings, I fell (ok, I jumped) headfirst into the rabbit-hole of wedding research, devouring information on venue options, wedding colors combinations, table runners, centerpieces, bouquets, Martha Stewart pompoms, birdcage veils, and non poofy wedding dresses.  

At some point, dazed by the endless pages of perfectly lit wedding photos of letterpressed name cards, wedding dresses on hangars, and chandeliers in trees, I stood back, blinked a few times, and thought to myself, “Screw this Bullsh*t. If I look at another "inspiration" board, I’m going to hurl.”

Don’t get me wrong, inspiration boards are very pretty.  But pictures of matching bridesmaids, flowers and shoes aren’t exactly inspiring me to get excited about my wedding.  I’ve never gone to a wedding and walked away thinking “The bridesmaids all looked so great with their Watters strapless dresses and green shoes.  They perfectly complimented the bride’s Amsale dress, triple-strand pearl jewelry and peony bouquet!  What a great wedding!” 

And so, before I even got started on this official wedding planning journey, I was done with the details.  Screw the favors, I care about the love and the fun.  Instead, my new inspiration looks like this:

There.  I’m feeling more inspired already.


  1. i love this post!! & so glad you found some inspiration in one of my pics!!! emily & royal's wedding was truly hands down the most awesome hand-made/ home-made wedding I have ever been to... can't wait to see what ideas you come up with for yours :) xoxo noa

  2. Um yea that would be me. Not engaged but thinking about getting married and totally down the rabbit hole of wedding blogs, lists and budgets included. It's like some weird guilty pleasure.

  3. Love this post. Just rediscovered it. It's so true. You never leave a wedding and think about the details. Heck, I barely notice them while at the wedding. I dont know why we spend so much time on them.


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